Jamie-Lee McKenzie

Jamie-Lee McKenzie

Jamie-Lee McKenzie, or J – which is what most people call her, has a passion for producing awesome radio and telling stories! She’s always had a love for being creative, whether it’s writing, drawing, painting and now creating beautiful audio segments. You’ll often find her reading a book or thinking up the next big thing for the radio station.

Jamie-Lee began her career in media as a freelance writer in 2015. She completed her Masters of Media in Journalism and Communications degree from Western University and it was there that she discovered her love for radio. In 2017, Jamie-Lee started with CBC radio in Whitehorse followed by Winnipeg and Sudbury. During her time at CBC she was a radio producer and reporter.

In late 2019, Jamie-Lee returned to Kebaowek First Nation as the Station Manager for Drumbeat Radio!

Drumbeat Radio

Shirai Chevrier

Shirai Chevrier has always had a passion for music of all genres, everything from jazz to rap to country. She truly enjoys being able to lift peoples spirits with her light hearted personality and love for corny jokes. She hasn’t always worked in media but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a natural talent and understanding for the entertainment industry. She has the ability to understand that everyone has a different beat to their drum and relate to them.

Shirai has a passion for reading which you can tell when she’s telling one of her many imaginative stories. She’s also one heck of a cook and can whip up almost anything you ask her too and for anyone that knows her, you’ll know that she more than likely has a glass of wine alongside her when cooking. Shirai enjoys hanging out with friends in her past time or heading to camp as often as she can; especially during the hunting season. She joined the Drumbeat team in June 2020.


Kebaowek: a place where you get off or disembark.

Kebaowek First Nation is an Algonquin community located 10 kilometers west of the town of Temiscaming, on the bank of Lake Kipawa. Members began moving to the reserve in 1973 and in 1976 Kebaowek became and official Indian Reserve. The community has gone through two name changes, in 1993 the community became known as Eagle Village First Nation-Kipawa and in 2016 the name was changed to Kebaowek First Nation.

The community has been working towards a radio station for many years and in 2019 Kebaowek received the official license from the CRTC and Drumbeat Radio was created.